Monday, March 8, 2010

vortex of doom

I'm not the first to blog about this, but I figure it can't hurt to keep the word spreading.  As Editor B and Hurricane Radio and probably a few others have already posted extensively, there is something seriously fucked up about an education system that works this way.

Count me in among the quitters.  I really loved teaching when I began.  I loved the little thrill you get when your students are learning something, when you realize that they've gained something from your hard work.  But ridiculous hours and ridiculous administrators and ridiculous expectations make teaching an impossible way to live here.  You get tired and jaded and pissed off and you might even end up like me: hating the very thought of going back into the classroom everyday. 

Current policy is killing public education, I am convinced.  And if you ask me at a bar when I've had a couple drinks, I'll be happy to explain exactly what a vortex of doom is being created in our public schools and why self-destruction is inevitable if something doesn't change.

Otherwise, I'm going to shut up about it.  It makes me want to puke.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    "Killing public education" and "vortex of doom" are excellent terms for what is happening. The clowns in charge couldn't destroy American public education more effectively if that was their actual plan.