Saturday, April 9, 2011

still kicking

I continue to be a suck blogger.  It's probably for the best, though - I'm usually a mess.  Better kept off the interwebs.

Things going on lately:
  • the cube job (trying to get financial footing back)
  • the roller derby (WFTDA and travel team and training committee, oh my!)
  • the wedding planning (October 8th - it's official)
  • the dog (he's got one eye and he pees a lot)
 Things we have to do:
  • way too much so I've decided against a long bullet list
  • see above.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

epic FAIL

I can't believe this.

Not the solution.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yesterday contained unusually high levels of FAIL, the details of which I'll refrain from outlining in detail here.  But the FAIL culminated in a disaster of an attempt to have unapologetic's birthday dinner at Cafe Degas.  Despite a 7:30 reservation, we weren't seated until almost 8 after being ignored by the host and the bartender who were clearly too busy to actually serve people drinks while they were waiting for their tables to open up.  When we finally got our table, there was lots of grumpy on our parts which wasn't helped by taking a long time to get a drink order (a bottle of wine which never materialized) and after being given "a minute" to make a final food choice, we waited another 10 minutes for our waitress to return only to be told that they'd just run out of the soft-shell crab special 5 minutes ago.  After sitting for 30 minutes with no wine and no food, it was time to abandon ship.  Sorry, Cafe Degas, but you totally sucked it last night.

Which turned out to be the best thing we did all night because we ended up walking in at Mondo and had a super awesome birthday reboot meal.  Spirits lifted, wine procured.  Fried hominy and creamy crab toast and perfect rosemary shrimp and awesome crawfish etouffe and really awesome sweet potato pecan pie and really, really awesome beignets with honey & yogurt.  And there were so many other things on the menu that looked yummy and everything was cooked perfectly.

Mondo WIN.  Thank you, Susan Spicer, for saving a birthday dinner from disaster.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

good news = bad news

The good news would appear to be that the well is capped.  And while that's pretty damn good news after weeks and weeks of shitty news, it does have a way of making my job obsolete.

Back on the job hunt again.

I'm really glad that the Gulf is getting a break after all this time, really I am.

I just wish that it didn't also mean extending my now 5-months-and-counting permanent employment search.  I could use a break here, Universe.

K.  Thx.  Bai.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

end the testing

I don't have much energy for it these days but some folks still do.  The system is flawed, people.  Seriously effed up.  Are you paying attention?

the good news

The good news is, I've got a new job.  It pays for real with benefits and stuff.  It's not the dream job or anything but it makes me feel more stable like I can move forward with life.

Also, we are moved into the Haus!  Moving was a long, awful process but now we are on our way to being settled in and the place is livable and starting to look like a proper house.  We even had people over last night!  My dining room table was surrounded by nerds playing D&D while I vegetated on the couch and tried to do internet errands while watching bad cable TV.  Not a bad life overall.

So, yeah, things are looking up.  There are still plenty of things that need to get done, loose-ends and stuff that've been put on hold for the last few months, but life on the Best Bank is starting to rumble along comfortably enough so I can't complain.

Totally domestic.  How's that for exciting blog material?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

teaching: ur doin it wrong

Reading this has only solidified my belief that we do teacher training wrong.  All through my teacher training I looked for specific fixes to problems and all I ever got were unsatisfactory references to "finding what works for you."  This only reinforces for everyone that classroom management and good teaching are magic - it's a talent that you just have.  And if you just care hard enough and work hard enough and suffer long enough, you'll figure it out.  Otherwise, you fail.

I feel like I got set up to fail.

That, my friends, is why teaching continues to be snubbed as a true profession.  We treat it as touchy-feely-save-the-children bullshit before teachers hit the classroom, don't give new teachers any real tools for managing children, and then expect them to create entire tribes of perfect standardized test-takers.  DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Oh, right.  I said I would shut up about education.